Sunday, October 24, 2021

777 palindrome in a virtual world 

The link above is a video of a virtual word not currently online. I will be bringing it back to complete my movie goal. Life got distracting. This is for the 777 palindrome play. This play can be found at my WoPLi site.   

777 A Palindrome Performance Play, Author commentary: A Palindrome is read the same way forwards as it is read backwards. Like the central word in this work, Deified. Punctuation is ignored, only the actual letters count. This Palindrome Performance Play is copyright to Salie Davis. Instructions for the performance play- A STORY OF IDOL WORSHIP AND MURDER: The names of the characters are spoken by the narrator (Jesus) to draw attention to actions of characters or before a character speaks. Words sometimes represent actions that are part of the palindrome and spoken by the narrator. The only words heard on stage are those that are in the palindrome. The story is given detail in actions, props, symbolic wardrobe and lighting, dramatized for effect. The props are: pews, pedestals, a cross, rum and lager, a small cave, a chair, colored robes, body suits, and scarves, which represent various sins, a scarf with Velcro attached spots, an identifier for Time, and a fancy hat. Suggested set up for a one act play- Initially the stage is dark. Pews hold the Dias family and other characters. These people wear grey robes. Under their grey robes are white suits. God, as light, is positioned left of the stage in the rear on a high pedestal. God is always with a capital G just as other characters who try to be idol gods are with a lower case g. The Narrator. Jesus is center. Jesus is also referred to in the play as the Red Rose of Sharon. At the right front is three low pedestals. The center pedestal is slightly elevated. This is where Star stands. She wears a gold robe. At the right rear is another high pedestal, lower than that of God, in which Satan stands. He wears black. The Rats and various Demons are gathered in front of Satan. The Rats all wear black robes, and carry black scarves representing the occult. The Demons all wear body suits. One Dragon wears a red suit with green scarves and represents unrighteous anger or ill temper. Devil wears a green suit with orange scarves for confusion or madness. Emos wears a purple suit and blue scarves for depression, and sadness. Royal wears a gold suit and purple scarves, for false rulers, or self-appointed power. Eros wears a pink suit with red scarves for physical desire/empty longings, such as the love for drink or other addictions. Tenet wears an orange body suit and silver scarves for beliefs in religion centered on rules rather than the truth. Dogma wears a silver suit and gold scarves for authoritative and judgmental doctrine. Id wears a blue suit with pink scarves to represent the instinctual and unconscious nature of sin. In this same area, is a chair holding Asa. He wears a nude colored body suit and a fancy hat as is a small cave, big enough to fit one crouched person with the Velcro spots on a scarf inside. The character of Times Eye represents time wearing or carrying a clock. A spot light may illuminate time as he crosses the stage. At the same time a spot lights appear on Jesus and God. From this point the spot lights are ever present on God and Jesus except for one important moment during the play.